Decent instructions for making a motor controller?

Hi everybody,

Ok so I am looking at making a robot/remote control car for my final thesis in university and so need a motor controller that is able to drive either 4, 9-12v motors, or 2 motor controllers to power 2, 9-12v motors. The motors will all need to be independently movable in forward and backwards directions. Now I know there are plenty of motor controllers you can buy but I wanted to try building it myself and therefor need decent instructions and a good parts list. I currently have a single Arduino Uno board and I am hoping to get another soon but will get a Arduino Mega if required.

Thanks for any info and decent links to come.

My son's slot cars run on 12V.
So does my diesel car's starter motor; you forgot something important.


If amps is what your on about then my apologies, scrap everything and go for 6v with a free-run current of 40mA and a stall current of 360mA.


What you’re looking for is an H bridge driver circuit per motor. I’ve never built one but they’re conceptually quite simple and I’d have thought that Google would turn up some circuit diagrams and parts suggestions.

Thanks PeterH for the reply,

You are correct in thinking that it is a H-bridge that I am searching for as it will do the job, however I was hoping to make it using a IC with the h-bridge already inbuilt into that. So yes I won't be building from complete scratch, but nor will I be just buying so kind of in the middle!

I was hoping to make it using a IC with the h-bridge already inbuilt into that.

Well, the L298N chip seems to do the bulk of the work on motor shields, so perhaps that would give you a starting point.

Brilliant, thanks very much, and it's not a bad price either!