Decent jumper wires or an alternative?

Making a 12v vehicle battery monitor that sends data to a phone at the moment, maybe to another arduino with a data logger later.

Tested with an Uno and all was fine, but when finally putting it together with a Pro Mini, I am having trouble with the jumper wires not getting a decent connection.

They are a few years old, is there an alternative or a product that give more reliable results besides soldering everything?

I was having issues programming the Pro Mini with the Uno, BT HC-06? removed, INA219 removed and still issues until i connected the Pro Mini directly to the Uno, then it worked. Few tweaks in the sketch and nope not working again. Swap out some wires and working.

Posted in another section about that, just wondering about decent jumper wires etc.


If the wires are not actually broken, the problem is the connectors. Using jumper wires in a finished product is just plain .... Make soldered connections!


Not yet a finished product, I did sit there looking at the prototype board with the copper
strips thinking all this could be solved with a bit of solder but thought not yet ready
for that.

May look into getting some shields after my holiday, the 2 slightly offset SDA / SDL pins
put me off using the prototype board also.

Soldered the cables to from the LM2596S though and the voltage reading is now spot on.


Good news! Carry on.