Decent segment and keypad basic


I am new to arduino and have just bought an uno r3 and accessories. I'd like to make a simple 4 digit seven segment display and be able to input numbers from a keypad.

Now the questions I have are.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Can anyone help me get started?
  3. Am I kidding myself that I'll even be able to grasp this as a first project?

Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm enthusiastic about getting stuck in but real don't know anything at this point.

Thanks a lot in advance


  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Depends what other electronics/programming experience you have.

I guess you would call this an intermediate level project in Arduino terms. If you have no other relevant experience, you shold definitely start with somethig simpler like single leds and single pushbuttons.


I would suggest that you break this down into a number of smaller projects like:

  1. Get a LED to work.
  2. Get a single 7 segment display to work.
  3. Get more then one display to work
  4. Understand how to read a switch into an input
  5. How to use the keypad (read the value and write to serial monitor)

At this point you will have everything you need to be able to use a keypad to write digits to the display.

All the smaller steps have a lot of information available just through internet searches.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I have a good basic electronics knowledge I've build small projects in the past mainly led based.

I've spent the last day or so just figuring out the segments and pins etc. and I've done a small led project test.

I've searched, read, and watched a good few very informative tutorials. So I think I just need a start point in the actual circuit set up. Then I think I will be on my way. Even if it's just a sigle segment for now.

What are the display specifics? Common anode (one anode per digit, 4 total) or common cathode (one cathode per digit, 4 total)? Do you have any transistors? What kind? You will also need current limit resistors.

Be more specific about what you need help with. What did these "very informative" tutorials not cover? And have you figured out how to light segments or not? Your last post was confusing about that.

Post links to the display and keypad you are considering using, or do you need advice on those?

i have watched tutorials on how to do basic projects like light an led then I've connected jumper leads to a single seven segment display and got familiar with the pin location. (common Cathode)

what i need is a basic wiring diagram to light 2, 7 segment displays with my arduino uno and a 4x4 keypad. and a code to get me started.

any help would be great.


Well, Mike, I can offer this example I made before. Its for a 4 digit display, but the principle is the same.

4 digit 7 segment example

That is very cool , going to have a go at that. I've spent today in my workshop doing various countdown projects and adapting them had some good results. there seems to be limited examples or previous projects involving 7 segment programmed with keypads i wonder if thats because not many have mastered it?

i wonder if thats because not many have mastered it?

No, its probably just that tutorials generally focus on single subjects to keep them simple to understand.