Decimila board issue

After taking out the micro-controller from the Diecimila board and setting the jumper on the XBee shield to USB setting, I am able to do a range test with another XBee series 1 (on a Sparkfun board). Both are connected to a desktop via USB. If the micro-controller is plugged in, X-CTU is not able to communicate with the XBee on the Diecimila board. Is there a problem with the micro-controller or is this normal behavior. I am also not able to query the modem if the jumper on the Decimila board is set to XBee. Both XBees are configured as XB24; XBEE 802.15.4 and the version is 10CD

Any assistance would be appreciated

Yes, I've seen a page that verifies that.

(Could not post the link until I posted once)

Thanks for the response. With the jumper in Xbee position and the microcontroller left on the Diecimila board, I tried but failed to communicate wirelessly with another XBee on a Sparkfun board. The situation is the same whether external power supply or USB power is used. The TX and RX lights on the board does not show. The same XBees on SparkFun boards can communicate wirelessly with each other via USB. Is there anything I can do whether by programming or otherwise as my jumper should be in Xbee position and the microcontroller should be left on Diecimila board for my project to work. Thanks