Good part, I have IDE 1.8.5 running on my RPi 3+ (only PC at home, the ARM download worked) and recovered my sketchbook up to June and even back to writing a little.

I'm working on a keyword matcher that people might actually use as opposed to the last one that okay you have to run one sketch to make source lines for the linked PROGMEM data tables in the project sketch because hand-linking would be too slow and error-prone a process, it's maybe too much for more than beginners.

I have 2 ways to go in making this easier.

  1. have the user input a word list of 350 to 400 chars (including terminating NULLs) on an Uno and the sketch put it all in EEPROM and the links for fast lookup.
  2. have the user put the word list and pointers into a PROGMEM array and have the sketch put the links in EEPROM, allowing for 1020 chars of word list (incl. NULLs).

The simple Example use will be a sketch with User Command Line entry. Either 1 or 2 would work for this but the match process is very flexible, syllables could be matched including pre- and post-fixes or chunks that would go together to make variable names, it's very hard to say what someone would want so I lean towards the longer list but wonder if showing an example with PROGMEM data would still be beyond our usual potential coders?

At this point, I've started on a method 2 example sketch.