declaring function affects the RTC

Good day,

We have been working on with our project that involves rtc, specifically ds3132, lcd and a keypad. Our project is to create a time clock which can be set through the keypad and displayed on the lcd.. However, there seems to be a problem that whenever I declare a function, which merely contains a display on the lcd and a delay, after setting up the time. The time will not begin at where I intended to set. If the declaration of the function is removed, the rtc's reading of the time would begin exactly where I set............ your response would be very appreciated much to us.

We have no idea how to solve your problem because we can't see it. Please post your code using code tags. The code tags make the code look

like this

when posting source code files. It makes it easier to read, and can be copied with a single mouse click. Also, if you don't do it, some of the character sequences in the code can be misinterpreted by the forum code as italics or funny emoticons.

Unless the sketch is too large, it's better if you post your code, rather than attach it. When it's attached, we have to download it, create a folder then open your code in our IDE. Or perhaps open it in WordPad, which isn't very good for looking at code. And afterwards, the folder remains unless we navigate to the "Temp" folder and manually remove it. It's much easier to just view the code in your post.

I would imagine your problem as to do with the delay you mentioned...

So Demonstration code for several things at the same time would be a nice starting point.