Decode 2.4Ghz RF signal with NRF24L01+ and UNO

I am trying to sniff the 2.4 rf signal of a Logitech remote R400 I have a modified this project . I am using the NFR24L01+ and an arduino uno and took out most of the code to send SMS and log keystrokes (not trying to get hackery). Right now getting a stream of data(noise) on different channels. I know that code sniffs for MS keyboards by decoding the signal. How do I decode the data from the R400 presenter, if should not be encrypted, but I feel I need to align bytes somehow? I have been doing research on this for a while. The R400 uses the CYRF69103 data sheet, page 58 is the register summary. It transmits at 1MBS and uses GFSK modulation. I am new to RF signal decoding and low level bits and bytes and just need some direction on how to use registers to find device/button presses. I came across this project which is pretty much what I want to do but unfortunately the link for arduino code is dead.

I am lost right now so any help, direction, ideas are greatly appreciated. Oh and I am not trying do anything nefarious, just trying to use that remote to signal a “GO” LED and possibly more arduino devices while it is already connected to a PC for used for other measures.

I need to use this remote (it is already configured for other measuring programs). I have access to the dongle too so if it is easier to reverse engineer that way it is possible; like I said I am not trying to hack anything.

Thanks for any help, my modified keysweeper code is attached.

key_r400.ino (12.7 KB)