Decode an RF Receiver

i hope someone can help me with this one, or suggest how i can approach this :

I bought some cheap RF light Sockets (comes with 4 sockets and a remote controller), like those ones I wanted to get rid of the remote and control them with my arduino. With an 315 mhz receiver/transmitter i was both able to intersect the signal and send it to the sockets, and every thing worked just fine ( Sockets had ID's ; 3038947, 3038948, 3038952, 3038956, with 24 bits)

My problem is : I bought exactly similar sockets ( 4 more ), and i want to do the same thing as for the others but unfortunately the remote is broken, so i cannot intersect the signal. I Tried to follow this instructable and bought a BusPirate, unfortunately after many hours i wasn't able to make it work, The chip inside the sockets has absolutely no label on it.

What can i do, to figure out the ID's of those Sockets so can use my arduino to send data. for now i can only think about 2 things :

1- using the BusPirate ( i am not sure how to do it, and i have no data about the chip).
2- brute force by sending ID's from 1000000 to 9999999 ( i do not know if it smart )

any suggestion are welcome, Thanks

Did you try remote #1 with these sockets?

I was at Walmart the other day and they had the remote for an outdoor electrical switch.
It looks like at most they had 26 channels because I bought one that said channel K and another that said channel G.

There may not be any possibilities are you think.

yes i did .. unfortunatly it does not.

How do you choose which socket to turn on/off?
The remote in the photo just shows on/off.

ohh i see, sorry ... it is those ones !

the remote has 4 channels A B C D

I'd get a multimeter and maybe try to figure out what is broken about the original remote.

i tried that, the transmitter chip is not working.