Decoding bitstream from oven thermometer

Hey everyone,

I am working on a little project that involved the decoding of a bitstream from a very common wireless (433MHz) thermometer. My project has come to a halt as i am not equipped to decode the bitstream coming from the thermometer, but as it's a fairly common thermometer i was hoping that someone out there had already decoded this one. Anyone?

You can see the thermometer in question here:

It's rebranded under several other brand, Weber among others.


You are probably on your own, but a good place to start is to get a cheap 433 MHz receiver and connect it to power of the appropriate voltage, and use a 5K:1K resistive voltage divider to connect the data output of the receiver to the audio input of a PC or Mac.

Then use Audacity to record what you receive. There are lots of examples on how to proceed from there. See this page: