Decoupling Capacitors in an LED Matrix

I'm building a 16x20 common anode RGB matrix using 4:1 multiplexing and 595 shift registers. I have one register controlling 4 rows of 80 LEDs. Each pin drives a PNP logic level FET that switches current from an 11v battery run through 5v voltage regulators to the transistors. I understand that to ensure efficient control of the matrix a decoupling cap is necessary to filter out noise. I'm not so sure about how to hook it up.

Will the caps be necessary on the column ICs (those controlling the cathodes of the LEDs) or just the ICs controlling the anodes? Should I include a larger (100uf electrolytic) cap for low frequency noise in the circuit?

Finally, how exactly do I connect them? In series before the Vcc pin of each IC or across the IC from Vcc to GND?

Put a 0.1uF on every IC. In addition put one 100uF in the circuit somewhere. The should be ceramic types and wired from power to ground as close to th IC as you can get with the leads as short as possible.

Would 1 or 10uf be sufficient (i'm trying to sort through some old parts)

For best frequency response they need to be ceramic type capacitors.