Dedicated power pins VS "power-set" pins

Hello all,

I have come to a weird realization that wanted to cross-check with the forum. It's regarding Arduino Mega: using dedicated power pins (5v and 3.3v pins) VS setting other pins as power pins.

Setting other pins to be consistent power outputs does not seem to work nearly as well as using the dedicated power pins. Is there a reason/fix to this?

I/O pins should NEVER be used to power other components directly - unless they are rated such, and you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Incorrect result is usually a permanently fried i/o pin.

Use a driver to switch +Vcc or other supply rail as needed - to ‘drive’ your target device.

got it, thank you!

There are two ways to drive a ‘load’.

We’ll leave it to you to GOOLE ‘low side’ and ‘high side’ switching.