Dedicated Software Serial 8E1 Library [Not Working]

I know this has been talked about in multiple places, but alot of the threads have snipits of code to modify the library or are cluttered with other conversation.

I am trying to put together a working copy of the Software Serial library with a 8E1 configuration. (8 bit Data, Even Parity, 1 Stop bit)

I am starting with the Software Serial library that is installed with Arduino 1.6.1 on Mac.

I have copied in the code from Pylon on this thread: replacing the recv and write functions.

The first problem I ran into was XMIT_START_ADJUSTMENT in the write function not being defined. After some web searching, I added


to the top of the cpp file. The other errors started coming out.

Currently, I an getting an error on the tx_pin_write prototype:

inlining failed in call to always_inline ‘void SoftwareSerial8E1::tx_pin_write(uint8_t)’: function body not available
void tx_pin_write(uint8_t pin_state) attribute((always_inline));

For some reason the inline is causing compile issues.

Hoping somebody can lend some suggestions. Once the library is working, I hope to upload it so people looking for software 8E1 capabilities dont have to modify libraries.

Here is a link to the library I am currently working on.