Default Sketchbook Folder Location


Trying to install Ardublock.

The default setting for Arduino (as per preferences in File) is: /home/charles7/arduino
When this folder opened only 2 folders present. Libraries and my first sketch.

For Ardublock I need to open a new folder within the 'Sketchbook' folder - but there is no 'Sketchbook Folder'

Why is the sketchbook folder not there by default or do I create a Sketchbook folder with in libraries?
Charles Harris

The sketchbook folder is the folder shown in the Arduino IDE's File > Preferences > Sketchbook location. When we say "sketchbook folder", we don't mean an actual folder named 'Sketchbook'. We mean whatever folder you have set in your preferences.

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Hi pert

Thanks for that, I was jumping to unnecessary conclusions. Lesson learnt. I can carry on now.


I'm glad if I was able to help. Enjoy!