defect boards! sending back?


my colleagues and me ordered 8 prebuilt arduinos... we have the "Programmer is not responding" error with 6 of them!!

we've tried everything mentioned and suggested in the manual and the forums... we also tried this 6 boards on different computers with different operationsystems without success...

we thought the chips or the bootloader are defect so we tried the following: we changed the chip of one of the running boards with the chip of one of the non-running boards and viceversa...

the result is: the error IS'NT because of the chip itself, the error must be within the board... ALL chips are running well when plugged into on one of the 2 boards which are ok...

we thinking about sending back the boards? is this possible? any other suggestions?

greets peter

Is your USB cable okay? Did you test that? It is quite a coincidence to have 6 defective boards I think. Is the default program running? The blinking LED?

edit: oops, 6 out 8, I thought 6 out 6

that is too weird that boards don’t work… have a really close look at the differences, it is really unlikely that there would be so many boards with a defect, or at least very, very, very unlikely. If you look at most of the “programmer not reponding” posts in the forum, they get solved pretty quickly.

A few questions: are they all Arduino NG? Are the chips pushed in all the way on the non-working ones? Is the power jumper set correctly? Did you try variations on the upload sequence-- i.e. on a Mac it sometimes helps to try to upload before pressing the reset button…

Also, an important test is to see if the pin13 LED blinks or turns on briefly during Arduino startup, without trying to program the board. That tells you that the bootloader is on the chip.
Also, et us know what your OS/Platform and power supply is as well.

Try different computers with different operating systems.


That is very odd because each board is manually tested before shipping

consider that with over 5000 boards sold we had about 5 defective boards (cause unknown) and another 5 that clearly have been damaged by the delivery company.

but hey anything can happen...

where in the world are u? or better where did u buy your boards?



as i said already, in bad english, in my first post:

our systems:
one with OSX 10.4.8 with intel architecture
two 10.4.8 with ppc
one PC with XP/SP2

i don’t know… maybe next time at ars electonica for a short debugging session? or sending back? what do you say?


just email g.martino (at) and arrange for a replacement