Defective LiquidCrystal.h with DUE

Problem: Standalone LCD not possible

Hello! I may have discovered a serious defect with the default LiquidCrystal.h included with Arduino IDE 1.5.2. Unlike the AVR boards, the DUE can't use the LCD when it is not connected to a PC. What I mean to say is, it malfunctions when it does not have PC communications.


LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11,12);

void setup() { lcd.begin(16, 2); lcd.print("hello, world!"); }

void loop() { lcd.setCursor(0, 1); lcd.print(millis()/1000); }

The undesirable effect is... A working LCD with useless data. Possible adjectives: garbled, scrambled.

Question: Is there a way to get the LCD to work on the DUE without have a computer connection?

Are you saying that the above code works if the USB cable is plugged in and doesn't if you remove the cable?

That loop will run much faster on a Due, maybe that's an issue but I cannot see how the USB connection would affect that. Anyway I'd add a delay() because writing to the LCD 100000 times a second is not good practice.