#define and strings

Hello, I have the following line in my code :

SIM900.println("AT + CMGS = \"+33123456789\"");

I'd like to be able to define the phone number in a header file like :

define CONST_PHONE_NUMBER +33123456789;

and use this in the code... Unfortunatly the following code is wrong :

SIM900.println("AT + CMGS = \"CONST_PHONE_NUMBER\"");

Does anybody has an idea about the way I can achieve this ?

Thanks for help.

define CONST_PHONE_NUMBER +33123456789; > this comma wrong remove it

There is no semicolon after the #define statement. If you include one, the compiler will throw cryptic errors further down the page.
#define ledPin 3;    // this is an error 

Similarly, including an equal sign after the #define statement will also generate a cryptic compiler error further down the page.
#define ledPin  = 3  // this is also an error
Serial.print ("The quick" " brown fox");

is [u]exactly[/u] equivalent to Serial.print ("The quick brown fox");

Does that help?

Great, thanks to both of you,

below the header declaration and the code

#define STR_TARGET_PHONE "+33123456789"
SIM900.println("AT + CMGS = \"" STR_TARGET_PHONE "\"");

Didn't knew about this compiling behaviour... Works fine.

Best regards.