Defining 5 interrupts on Nano Every, possible?

I normally use Mega board for my project and I am implementing a stripped down version of that for a section of my project to be standalone and looking at Every board, it looks like it has sufficient pins for what I need.

For my stripped down project, I need
Only SCLK, MOSI pins
8 digital output pins
5 digital input pins as interrupts

My question is, can I use Pins 2-6 or (2,4,7,8,12) as interrupts using the above library?

EDIT: Looks like arduino default attachInterrupt works for all pins on Every board, just have to try it out how well it works

I got it my sketch to compile, but when I try to upload it, it spits out error saying

"avrdude: jtagmkII_initialize(): Cannot locate "flash" and "boot" memories in description"


The error message is just a warning and can be ignored. The sketch will load properly.