Defining ranges with-in conditions

So this may be a very general question

If I wanted to define a range within a condition such as an IF statement how would that be written?

I understand how to use it with Greater than or less then etc.

Basically I'm using a potentiometer and would like an action to occur IF the range of 512-678 ( as a example ) is met.

sorry for the basic question. appreciate the help in advance.


Using switch case with ellipses instead of if. Note the space before the first '.' and after the third '.'

   case(0 ... 100):
      //do something
   case(101 ... 200):
      //do something
// and so on
template<typename T>
inline bool is_value_in_range(T value, T value_min, T value_max)
    return ((value >= value_min) ? ((value <= value_max) ? true : false) : false);

Serial.println(is_value_in_range(11, 5, 10));
Serial.println(is_value_in_range(7, 5, 10));

All three values should be of the same sign type.

Or the simple solution

if (x>600 && x< 700) 
    its in the range
} else 
    it's not in the range