Delay(50) takes 1 second to run,

Good day, everyone.

I'm pretty certain that this is a problem with my fuses. This is a standalone atmega328P project, flashed using usbASP. I've done this a long time ago but have forgotten how to set this up again. I have a 16Mhz crystal with 2x 22pf Capacitors. I have downloaded someone else's hardware preset for a standalone but I don't think it's setting the fuses correctly.

Could someone send me or let me know how to set up my own board hardware preset to use the external crystal please?

I'm fairly certain that with the external crystal, the preset should be the same as Uno...

Setting the fuses to the Arduino standard is done automatically and at the same time as burning the boot loader on the device.

Select the board type “Uno” if you have a 16MHZ crystal.

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I see, appears I have forgotten to burn the bootloader to the microcontroller with the menu in Tools. Interesting.

Thanks for the heads up.

Of course, you can also set the fuses explicitly using AVRDUDE( ) .

yes, but then you should know very well what you are doing. Setting the fuses by burning the bootloader is safer for inexperienced users who are not very familiar with the fuses.

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