Delay box (drag racing)

New to the arduino world but I wanna build something into a slot car controller. I race slot cars and a fun idea was to build a delay into a controller.
Say I hold button pull trigger and get no output until button is release. Now I want to add some time before that output turns on.

So say with both held down I let go of button at the first yellow light on the drag tree. But the trigger output doesn’t activate until my delay to be close to the green light as possible.

How would I go about this?

Get yourself an Arduino board and start playing with the examples. What you want to do is not too difficult from a software point of view.

Once you have a board, make sure you read the how to post your code before posting specific questions. The better you prepare your questions the more and better answers you will get.

This simple and cheap Arduino should be all you need. There are cheap clones as well.

Awesome thanks
All I know hardware wise is. Trigger output to board and back out to track input. And button wired to board as well. Then a simple code really

You will need to adapt the signal levels (voltage, current drive capability) to and from the Arduino. That is something you can start exploring right now. I would start with the documentation of your slot car system.

You can also watch some "Getting started with Arduino IDE" videos on Youtube. Its fairly easy especially when you have a board to follow along.