Delay in nanoseconds

Hello everyone: I have a problem in my project need to generate pulse signal to do the TDR experiment to detect faulty in cable. so, i need to generate the pulse signal with 160ns width high and 2400ns width low, but I have not found a way to do it. currently, i try to generate the pulse signal using the arduino due, but the pulse signal that can i generate is up to microseconds delay. anyone knows how I can do this?? greetings and thanks! smiley :)

62.5 ns. The clock granularity of an AVR based Arduino is 62.5 ns. That means you may be able to generate a 125 ns high pulse or a 187.5 ns high pulse but precisely 160 ns is impossible.

You will need an arduino Due to do this. The normal Arduinos are not fast enough.