Delay in the main loop for digital write

I'm trying to build a code where I'm trying to build multiple ignition pulses for each CAM pulse generated by tuner studio. I'm using digitalwrite for 4 pins with a delay of 150 seconds. But it is not effective. Please suggest me a better way to code the delay . For example,
Digiwrite (f1,low);
Digiwrite (f2,high);

This is how I have done to delay the trigger pulses. I'm trying to generate 4 pulses in place of one.

delay of 150 seconds.

You have a badly spelled delay of 150 milliseconds in your code.

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What is "tuner studio"?

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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What is "tuner studio"?

Probably this?

But it is not effective.

That means it doesn't produce the desired effect, but you should explain in what way it's not doing what you want. What do you want, what's it doing right, what's it doing wrong?

Oh and it might help if you post the whole sketch, not just part of it, incorrectly spelled.

TunerStudio is the visual representation of the outputs and code from an engine management system like Megasquirt or Speeduino.

To my knowledge it isn't active but passive. So the CAM you are talking about is on a physical engine and you want your ecu to generate 4 ignition pulses based upon the CAM. Is that correct?

I'm puzzled though, usually the camshaft rotates at twice engine speed, so generating 4 pulses from that per revolution would mean too many pulses.