Delay opening the "Tools" menu in arduino-1.5.7 on Windows 7


Whenever I click on the "Tools" menu in arduino-1.5.7 on Windows 7 64-bit, I see a delay of approx 4 seconds before the menu opens up.

I have several serial ports (including Bluetooth and USB/Serial converters), and in the past the fix from has really helped me. In arduino-1.0.5-r2 the "Tools" menu opens instantaneously. Respective code change seems to be here: applying proposed patch from,… · arduino/RXTX@271d04f · GitHub

Could the delay in arduino-1.5.7 be due to using JSSC instead of RXTX as the serial port access library ?
Why has Arduino switched from RXTX to JSSC in the first place ?
Could the port detection be improved in JSSC too ?

Thanks for any pointers!

Please open an issue on github. Issues · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

We moved away from RXTX because it's old, buggy, unmaintained spaghetti code