Delay power off nano untill servo at 0 deg

I have a sweep servo. I want to turn the power off but keep the servo going intill it reaches 0 deg.
I will need hold power on with external component then off at 0deg.
sugestions and sketch would appreciated. New to the arduino but Old in time and electronics.

Don’t turn the power off.

XY Problem”.

No. If you do that then the servo will not work once the pulses have been removed, despite having power on it.

As these is no way of knowing where the servo is when it is moving you will have to put a limit switch to detect this or just give a delay before removing the power sufficiently large so that no matter where the servo is it has time to return to 0 degrees.

Make the servo turn off the power!

here comes my design made on the refrigerator door. :slight_smile:
This circuit works only when the PC is not connected via USB!
The Arduino is started with the push button.
In the setup() the relay takes over the power supply control.
Move the servo to the zero position, wait a moment and then switch off the relay.

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