Delay until Key Pressed using 4x4 arduino keypad

Hello, we are a group of arduino beginners working on a project to run power to multiple LEDs based on keypad input and an LCD. Our struggle is building a code that will wait for a certain key press (“0” in our case) in order to move forward in the code. We have tried the while loop and if statement with (customKey==‘0’ and customKey !=‘0’) with no success. Any help would be appreciated!

For further explanation, the user first inputs a sequence for the LEDs to cycle through. For example, lets say the user inputs 123 (LED 1, LED 2 LED 3,), and then pushes the # button to designate this as the sequence, so then the LEDS would illuminate in that order (when the user pushes 0, then it will iterate to the next step in the sequence). Only one lamp is on at a time.

Code is attached

Lamp_Sequence_Test_1.ino (3.96 KB)

Code is attached

Better to post it.