Delay when starting atmega328p

Hello, can i make delay by 15 - 20 sec (but not in sketch)when power on Atmega328p without external circuits ? I want when plug in supply , the microcontroller not to start immediately, but after a few seconds to start ?

Why not put a delay in setup()?

I want to start up with delay , but not delay in sketch ...


Rewrite the bootloader

Thank you AWOL, the start up time with BOD is 6CK/14CK + 65ms, i want to extend that to few seconds or minutes .

Why do you want to do this?

I have several chip and i want to start in different time. I found LTC6994, but the price is little higher. I can do that with external circuits(passive elements) but a want to avoid it.

Why is delay() in setup unsuitable? That would be the go-to way to wait after poweron before the chip does anything? Theres something that doesnt add up here...

If you think the topic is inappropriate, you can report it. I asked a specific question and expected a specific answer. I’ve already found schematic solutions, thank you for being very kind with your curiosity about what to use, but not with any suggestions and schemes. Sometimes too much curiosity repels.There are also other electronics forums and I just regret asking you the question right in this forum. But I’ve already found a solution :slight_smile: I wish you always been so kind with your curiosity (no offense).

I don't understand why you're being so negative. A solution for what you wanted to do specifically was provided in #4. But often here we run into what's known as the XY problem. In this case, there may be a much better solution to the real problem than the one we can provide for what the person is asking how to do. The only way we can know this is if they'll make the effort to explain what they're actually trying to accomplish. You have never provided a valid explanation for why you can't use a delay in setup().

ditelen: I've already found schematic solutions

But you specifically ruled out external circuitry.

Тhe reason I did not include external schematics was because I was looking for some way with a change of fuse bits or otherwise if it possible to change the BOD settings (or maybe other settings).Maybe I did not ask the question correctly. After searching google i found schematic with which i saw it would be easier (LTC6994).

can i make delay by 15 - 20 sec (but not in sketch)when power on Atmega328p without external circuits ?

You could modify the bootloader. Which would be nearly identical to putting a delay() in setup(), except ... more difficult.

Thank you westfw, tonight i will try :)