delays in eeprom access

Hello everybody,

I intend to use the eeprom to log some events during execution to be analyzed later.
The reference to and some (not all) library code insert a delay(500) after each read.
From my own experience, reading w/o delay can result in random data being read.

The question is: Is this .5" delay a minimum specified by Atmel?
No way to go faster?
Is there a need for delay after a write?
Whey if these delay are compulsory why aren’t they included in the callee (

Thanks in advance.


There is no need to use a delay after writing or reading the EEPROM. I am also using the EEPROM to log some data and do not experience garbled bytes. You must have another problem. What MCU are you using? How do you supply power? The EEPROM is prone to unstable power supply

Thank you very much Olf2012!

This is VERY important information and i feel reassured.

I am using the 2560 and am powering the board with the LAP usb. Folowing your post, i raised the pins if the female usb by few tenth of millimeter with a sharp sewing niddle and now the connector is better retained and what's more, the eeprom has no errors at full read speed.

BTW, without going into measurements, it seems that writing to the eeprom is much slower then writing to a byte array simulating the eeprom but reading seems to be at equal speed

Thanks again!