Delete forum profile

Where can I do that?

google suggested that link

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Why didn't I think of that... Actually I had, my use of computers pre-dates the existence of google by some 2 1/2 decades, I do know about it.

Rest assured, I had trawled all the profile-related links I could find- not seeing a way to delete.

My use of computers pre dates real computers but one should adjust to change and embrace it :slight_smile:

That being said - With seemingly two identities and half baked SSO (forum and arduino) they don’t make it very clear…

Curious why you want to go away though.

account delete option is in the Arduino profile page, not on the forum profile page. I just checked it. Check it again.. If you want steps via screenshots, let me know.

That's one of the pages I hade checked more than once, and it offered no such option. But then I cleared cookies and got a different page when clicking the same links, and that page does offer the option.

good to know you found it pal.

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