delete the 5v regulator?

hi, new around here and to the ardunio, i was looking into a comercially available gps data logger when i sumbled upon these bits of kit, they appear to be quite useful.

I’ve decided to make my own gps logger using the ardunio, mainly because the comercial options are utter rubbish from a software standpoint at least, at least with the gps logger shield i can get the data direct from the sd card without trying to use rubbish software to extract the info.

I need the logger for an extended trip away from any sort of power source so to that end i was going to make my own board integrating a mintyboost power supply (with the ipod compatible resistors removed) and the Boarduino onto one board. Am going to be powering the whole thing with three lithium aa batteries, for the logginh and gps I am going to use the gps logger sheild from adafruit.

Because the mintyboost outputs what appears to be a pretty spike free 5vdc do i need to use the 5v regulator or can i delete it from the schematic? I have searched but i cannot find any clear info on the subject

The minty boost et al are built around step-up voltage regulators. That should be all you need.

Have you figured out the voltage and power requirements of all your bits and pieces? I would do that before commiting the power design.

Have you figured out the voltage and power requirements of all your bits and pieces?

I second this. GPSs are power hogs.

The mintyboost boosts voltage by drawing more current. While the batteries you have in mind, along with the mintyboost, will provide the voltage that you need, and possibly even the current that you need, how long will they be able to do that.

Expecting 3 AA batteries to power your device for more than an hour or so is unrealistic.

that's all been figured out here already ;)

If i can get the system to log somewhere between 12 - 14 hours of data that is fine as i can renew the batteries each night if needed, i don't need a high log rate as i'm tracking when walking or in a canoe, neither of which move very fast ;D

It's basically a known working kit, i just want to remove the un-needed components and reduce the size of the whole thing as It's going to end up as a dedicated battery powered gps logger. I'm going to buy a uno to program the chip and then swap it over.

I would eventually like to add the gps logger onto the same board as everything else but we'll see how the soldering goes on the other parts first.

that's all been figured out here already

ok, that's great, and if the boost regulator gets you the time you need then you're of to the races(ok, the forest).

what i was getting at is that, if you need to squeeze hours out you might be able to run the whole thing on 3 aas with no regulator at all. Don't know about the gps but some avr's are fine down to 3v.

Note that there are a few un-minty boost regulator kits that will work just as well and deliver in the 100ma range. The Pololu 798 5v boost regulator delivers 5v up to 100ma from anywhere from 1-4 AA's and cost me $5.75.

ah, i see what you mean now, the gps module i’m looking at will run on a 4.5 volt supply :wink: