Delimnating incoming string into float array and one string

I am writing some code that is communicating motor positions from Unity to Arduino over the serial port. I am suck on writing a function to delimnate the incoming string.

`string incomingString = "motorPos1,motorPos2,motorPos3,motorPos4,motorPos5,endCommand";`
`string incomingString = "28.5,42.9,12.0,68.65,0.12,0x0F";`

I want to convert this string into a float array containing the motor positons and one string containg the endCommand like such:

    float motorPositions[] = {mPos1, mPos2, mPos3, mPos4, mPos5};
    string endCommand = endCommand;

I am fairly flexible on what the result would be. Thanks for the help.

Maybe something like this:

float motorPositions[5];
String endCommand;

void ParseInput ()
  motorPositions[0] = Serial.parseFloat();
  motorPositions[1] = Serial.parseFloat();
  motorPositions[2] = Serial.parseFloat();
  motorPositions[3] = Serial.parseFloat();
  motorPositions[4] = Serial.parseFloat();
  endCommand = Serial.readString();  // Ends at timeout

void setup()

void loop()
  if (Serial.available())
    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
      Serial.print(i + 1);
      Serial.print(" = ");
    Serial.print("endCommand = ");

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