Denon receiver control

Hello all
I am quite new to electronics, but am quite experienced programming with Java.

I own a Denon AVR-2808 Surround receiver.
It has a RS232 interface which I believe can be used for something useful.

The attached pdf describes the available commands and events that can be sent and received over RS232C

It would be fun to make a control interface using Arduino. It could be a webserver interface or a touch screen :slight_smile:

I guess I need to make a shield for attaching a serial cable.
This is the pinout described:
Connector type: DB-9pin female type, slave straight connection (DCE type)
( 1pin : GND , 2pin : TxD , 3pin : RxD , 5pin : Common(GND) , 4,6,7,8,9pin : NC )

The communication format is as follows:
Synchronous system : Tone step synchronization
Communication system : A half duplex
Communication speed : 9600bps
Character length : 8 bits
Parity control : None
Start bit : 1 bit
Stop bit : 1 bit
Communication procedure : Non procedural
Communication data length : 135 bytes (maximum)

Can anyone guide me how I can make the RS232C shield and how to setup the communication?

Best regards

Rs232 avr2808.pdf (639 KB)

First thing you'll need is a MAX232 chip to convert the TTL levels that the Arduino deals with to the RS232 levels that the receiver deals with.

You can (and should) mock this up on a breadboard first.

If you have a computer with a serial connector on it then that is probably the place to start experimenting - rather than building new hardware. Once you know it can be done then migrate to microcontroller version?