Deploy Arduino using MS Server 2016 to clients.


I have Windows server 2016 installed in my organization,
i want to deploy Arduino to my my clients (Win 7 Computers)

Is there a way to deploy it in Group Policy?
Maybe an MSI setup file i can use? i want it to be a silent install so
when the user preforms a log-in, it will install in the background..

Any instructions how to do this ?

Many Thanks ! :slight_smile:

When you say you want to install "Arduino" do you mean the IDE or something else ?
If its the IDE would that be the regular desktop version of CREATE the online version ?

Going to guess you already have the deployment rolls installed along with any other pre-requisites ?
There was a thread in the online IDE section covering this topic recently.

hi There,

yes it's the regular IDE desktop version,

What do you mean by deployment rolls installed?
Can you give me a link please online IDE section - although i don't think i need the onlive version..



If you have a server and don't know what deployment roles are then you may want to talk to your IT ADMIN as they will know.
Especially for server 2012 and upward from MS.

They may be better asking the questions rather than relay through a third party.