Deploying Arduino project cheaply?


I’'ve recently bought a Duemilanove to develop a lighting controller for a model. Ultimately I want to make this a permenent part of the model so don’t really want to use the Due, but rather I’m looking for a ‘minimalist’ cheap runtime option that I can just drop the programmed AT chip into, but doesn’t have all the comms hardware.

Does such a thing exist?

Also if I just buy a new AT328 chip, am I right in thinking I need to get the bootloader onto it somehow before I can upload my code through the Due?


You could use one of these…

There’s a bunch of setups that will let you program the chip in an Arduino, then pull the chip out and plug it into a stand alone unit:

You could get a cheap serial kit and just not build out the serial connection

You could put together your own board with whatever parts you want

Seeeduinos (the 1.1v) are on sale at NKC for $16 right now

It really depends on the application. If you aren’t using 168/328 specific features, you can even drop down to another ATxxx chip and get an even smaller package (programming those can be a bit harder).

If you don’t need the FTDI serial stuff i think this is about as cheap as it comes:

Thanks guys - they all look like the sort of thing I need!