Deprecated- Arduino Mbed OS boards package

I am pretty new to Arduino.
I opened the board manager, and I noticed that the package that I used is now called: Deprecated - Arduino Mbed OS boards.
Since it is deprecated, will there be someday that I can't download this package anymore from the board manager?

Thank you

no, but it will not get new versions with fixes. update to the package for your board.

You should use the "Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards" instead of the deprecated one.

The reason for the deprecation is that, as more and more new boards were added to "Arduino Mbed OS Boards", it got huge and installation, updates, and compilations were getting slowed down. So the developers split it up into separate board "families". So using "Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards" will be beneficial even though the deprecated one will still work.

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Thank you for your answer!

I see.
I wanted to ask this question because I notice that my code works with "Arduino Mbed OS Boards" but it doesn't work with "Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards". Do you have any suggestion on this issue? like..where can I find the difference in these two package.
Thank you.

The difference is most likely based on which version of "Arduino Mbed OS Boards" vs. "Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards" you are using (e.g., 2.2.0 vs 2.5.2). There have been some breaking changes in the recent releases.

If you open Boards Manager (Tools > Board > Boards Manager), you can see which version of each you have installed.

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