Desigining 3d Printer, Crane like Z-Axis (Up) Problem

Hello, I’ve been wanting to make my own 3d Printer for a while, and I have many doubts about certain things.
I’ve been reading and researching so far, and I already set up the electronics, but I’m still having problems regarding the
mechanics of the machine. I’m a student from an engineering school, but I’ve haven’t seen any subject related to mechanics

What I’ve had on my mind for a while right now, is the design of a Z-Axis of a 3d printer. Now the problem itself.
(Image in Attachments)
I’ve seen designs of 3d printers, like the reprap which separates the rods (Y Axis) between the X-Plaftform Axis.
What I want to know is, if I design it like the one in the picture, what considerations should I take?

Does the weight matter in this case? (In the blue circle with arrows pointing to it) Do I have to properly distribute the weight? Could it afect the alignment of the axis? And what about the strain in stepper motors. Do they get affected if it’s like this too? Or do the smooth rods stop this from happening? The material in gray-black color, is Aluminum.

On the reprap, I like to think that because of its design, the weight is distributed evenly across the Axis. But I’m not sure.
I would also like to know, what books or links handle or talk about topics as this, to read them, it would help me a lot.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Looks like a Ormerod type design.

I was going to build my own but went down and picked up a XYZ DaVinci to get started.

Have a look at these.