Design project...considering an Arduino

I’ve been tasked with the following project:

An autonomous robot must start from a marked location (indicated by a black X on the ground) and determine and output the vector between itself and a heat source. The heat source will be a small object that the robot will then have to move to and weigh by some means. The robot will have to output the weight of the object.

This description is vague intentionally, I’m not looking for specific assistance in any of the areas (yet! :P)

Currently, I’ve been given the option of using a Handy Board, but I find them to be archaic and lacking the support they once had. It seems like the Arduino community is much more robust and I was wanting to use an Arduino for this project if at all possible. Also, I’m an experienced C++ programmer, and it seems like going with the Arduino would allow me to at least, somewhat, take advantage of C++. So my questions for this forum are:

Can an Arduino even do this project? (I’m assuming this is a yes based on what I’ve seen them do already)
Is it more practical to use the Arduino vs. the Handy Board for this project?
If you have some experience with both, which would you use?

I know these aren’t technical FAQ, type questions, but I was unsure of where to post this topic. If I have posted in error, I apologize.

Thanks for all your help.

My guess would be that the arduino can fit the project, but maybe you should take a look at the Orangutan from pololu… They are derived from the arduino (I think) and they already include H-bridges for driving the motors, LCD display and other stuff.