Design Student who needs help about simple assigment (Counting Time)

Hello there I need to do a small assigment but I'm just a beginner about coding.

"Use three loops and the text() function to draw the following to the screen: the numbers 0 to 40, counting up by 2;
the numbers 100 to 1000, counting up by 100;
the numbers 90 to 5, counting down by 5.
Pay attention to the layout and typography, not only the numbers"

Can someone help me out?

int begin;
int duration;
int time;

void setup() {
size(600, 600);


begin = millis();
time = duration = 100;

void draw() {

if (time > 0) time = duration - (millis() - begin)/1000;
text(time, 300,250);

All I could do was this

Your code is Processing, which is Java-based, not Arduino, which is C++ based.
You need to try the Processing forum.