Design tips- inteligent home

Hello everyone!
I am new to field of arduino. Two years old I have Arduino UNO with Atmega328.
I sold the set because it was already boring(I had Arduino, led, wires and prototype plate)
I am a student with a mechatronics profile. I very like elektronics, I read a lot about it, and I watch elktroincs lives.
I want to start to work with Arduino. My idea is an inteligent home. Where I can buy needed part(sensors)?
Do you have an idea for the elements of such a house?
I shall be very thankful to all of you for your comments and suggestions.

There are probably many thousands of ideas. search for Smart Home, Intelligent Home, Home Automation and you will get more than you have time to read.

Try [u][/u].

I've had an X-10 system (now X-10 & Insteon) for many years. I've got about 10 controlled outlets & lights, an master timer-controller, and a few "manual" wired & wireless remote-controllers. (I'm not hooked-up to my cell phone or the Internet but that could be added if I wanted it.)

My outside lights come-on at sunset, dim-down at 9 or 11 PM, depending on the day of the week, and then off at sunrise. Some interior lights are programmed with a similar schedule. I've got a "sunrise lamp" plugged-into a controlled outlet that comes-on before the alarm in the morning.

The only part of this I built myself is the sunrise lamp, and it's got no clock of it's own... The master timer-controller switches-on the outlet and it starts fading-up. (And, I built that a long time ago with a different microcontroller.)

My thermostat is programmed, but it's not part of the home-automation system/network.

IMHO.... before you go or even start down this road, read and understand what an MQTT server/platform is.

This will save you time and headache, from tryign to set up a DIY home automation using an http/polling technique.. (which is not efficient nor recommended)

If you invest in a $35.00 Raspberry Pi 3 board... you can configure it to be both an MQTT server and a LAMP (Apache, MySQL & PHP) server..

An MQTT server is a subscribe and publish type of platform/solution...

So instead of your random/end point Arduino's constantly checking to see if some value/variable has changed...

it just subscribes to the MQTT 'event'.. and whenever a change happens.. the MQTT server pushes out a notification to all connected (subscribed) devices)

its cheap, easy to set up, fast and much more efficient than trying to consistently polling some database or whatever.

You can also use some PHP to log values to a database (temp, time doors open/close or light times..etc), as well as communicate to the MQTT server via php script and trigger/publish updates to your connected devices.

At this point the options are endless.. on what you want to do.. as well as how you want to interface/control things.

Good luck!