Design with Mega


I am currently working on my custom design using the reference files available for arduino Mega and its shields.

I have few questions:

1) Are these final schematics which are used in the production version of these boards (the ones we buy) ? 2) If I use the microcontrollers/ parts mentioned in the schematics, do I need a special firmware installed on them or any off the shelf components available would do? I saw replacement parts for Uno with bootloader installed so wanted to cross check.

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1) We don't know for sure. The schematics is a "reference design" and may or may not match the actual board. (actually, we know it doesn't match. No map of Italy or Arduino logo on the silkscreen.) One hopes that it matches electrically, but there is no guarantee. If I were the Arduino team, I'd be tempted to include some differences just to help track where clones are coming from.

2) Both AVRs need code installed. The 2560 needs a bootloader, and the 16u2 needs usb/serial code.