Design WYSIWYG Editor for RGB LED Strip Lighting POV Perspective Patterns


I am looking to create programmable "flow toys" for myself such as fans, buugeng, etc. I especially want to create POV perspective patterns. My main goal is to have a WYSIWYG user interface that you can either upload an image, logo, or create a pattern "ms paint" style that will automatically be able to program it into the item. I am willing to pay someone to program this.

There are a few companies out there who have similar products. I have linked them below. I have another thread open about the creation process you can see here That thread is based on a similar but simpler version. I know that for POV modes I will need an SD card port. I am just not sure which Arduino product is good for that or if they have anything that has a microSD port. Obviously for hoops, sizing would be an issue.

I am brand new to this whole thing, but I am extremely creative and very determined to learn.

Here are some companies that have similar things. - This is a wysiwyg style editor that you can use with this specific hoop that you can create patterns and then download them onto the hoop itself to create POV patterns. This is like what I would like to create, but to be able to use it for anything I want, not just a hoop. - These are poi that you can create patterns on - These are also poi that you can create patterns and images on - Another version of programmable poi

I would also be happy figuring out something like this (which is much simpler) that a user could program how they like.

Like I said, I am willing to pay someone to program this and teach me how to use the programming. Or, we could perhaps create a partnership and if this becomes successful and creates a following, we could perhaps go into business together selling them. I am based in central Massachusetts, I would love someone local to help me out because I also want to learn.

Also found this thread, which may help.

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It's not clear if you want this WYSIWYG program to run on an Arduino or on a PC. I suspect it would be a challenge to make it work on an Arduino.