Designing a gripper using linear actuators

Hello everyone,

I am looking to design a gripper using linear actuators to squeeze small bottles and was wondering if you all could help me choose the right set of actuators and other necessary components.

I was thinking of having two linear actuators that move together so that they can initially hold the bottle in place, then squeeze it by providing positional feedback, hold it at that position for <1s, and have them retract to the initial position ( This would potentially be repeated by changing the positional feedback to increase the squeezing force). I was hoping to control them using an Arduino UNO. The squeezing forces that I am looking at vary from around 3N-50N, approximately.

I want to minimize the weight, so I was looking at micro actuators from Actuonix. I was particularly interested in their ā€˜Pā€™ series actuators (have position feedback) PQ12/ L12 cause of their low weight. Would these be right for my application?

I am guessing I would need a motor controller board as well? How should I go about choosing a particular one for my application? Is there any other component that I would require?

Since I am very new to this, please let me know if there is a better approach or better components that I could use.


Use the control board that is offered by the company to match their actuators.

But, the only feedback you have in relation to the bottle is your own eyes! Same with squeezing the bottle. So, why even use a microcontroller.


Thank you for your reply!

I am looking to automate the process, so that I can give a bunch of positions that correspond to different squeezing forces.