Designing a protoboard using Fritzing?

Not sure how to embed the image, so here's a link to the circuit diagram:

I'm trying to create this circuit on a protoboard, and Fritzing is freaking out when I try to route the PCB.

Anyone have advice?


Perhaps I have the schematic wrong?

What is incorrect about the circuit?

It's designed to PWM a high power pump.

Ah- Credit that to my superhuman attention to detail.

This is essentially the circuit I'm trying to build:

The only difference is that I've added an extra diode in there, and it looks that I've put it in the wrong place.

Regardless, assuming I have a working circuit and an accurate diagram, does anyone have advice on how to use the autoroute in Fritzing?

Thank you for your help!

But regardless, what's the best way of moving from a breadboard to a protoboard?