Designing Buck Converter driver using ARDUINO

I have to design a buck converter driver using ARDUINO. The design has to be compared with the PWM Controlled Driver.

The driver has to be capable to produce Vout ±15 V. Do I have to create an external boosting converter from Vin (0V to 5V) to Vout (-15V to +15V) …and if yes, how to do that?

Here’s attach the example of PWM Controlled Driver circuit

PWM controlled buck converter.docx (89.2 KB)

It might be useful to take a look at stepper motor drivers. These have a similar requirement to take a very low voltage+current signal from the Arduino and drive a coil forwards and backwards using a much higher voltage+current.

You're looking for a MOSFET driver.

The Arduino really is too little for a common switching power supply. You'll need a dsPIC or similar for most applications.