Designing my own arduino in Eagle

Hi! Im looking to make my own custom board with an arduino uno and the arduino rtc built in together?

Any advice on how to get started?

I've been making my own cool clocks for at home but want a small custom board for it. Looking to pay someone for help if possible, let me know!

thanks in advance for all the help.

I'd be interested in helping design the board. PM sent.


Start by installing EagleCAD, draw your schematic diagram in it, and start designing. It's really not that hard, especially as it's all low speed digital signals (no more than 16 MHz) so not much to worry about.

I've been making my own cool clocks for at home...

Why not use a WiFi ESP8266 based Arduino (Wemos D1 min, NodeMCU, etc.), and let it get the time off the internet.
Then you never have to set the clock again, and you can add things like temperature (local display and/or webpage).

Buy a Teensy 3.x. The clock is built in and works well with the major Arduino libraries.