Designing schematic and PCB based on Yun


I'm fairly new to the Arduino community so bear with me if my question sounds dumb :)

After carefully studying Arduino Yun, I realize that it fits very well with the needs of the product I'm building. I am ready to write some scripts in Python, etc. Now here is my question:

When I want to go from Yun prototyping into full production at large scale, it is likely that I may design my own schematic and PCB based on Yun. Is this plausible? I don't want to write all the codes going into the wi-fi module of Yun just to throw it away at the end because I cannot turn it into mass production. I read a forum that the wi-fi module of Arduino Yun is not really open-source which may make it hard to duplicate on my own board.

Thank you for any feedback!

The yun chipset is based on the Atheros 9331. You can produce many products buying that chipset, and openwrt is opensource. There shouldnt be problem.

Hybrid design-wifi module

Dragino HE module


Elink el-ml150



The heart of Yún is CPU - AR9331, here is the market position of it.

AR9331 (MIPS 24k@400MHz, 1x1:1, 150Mbs/2.4GHz, PHY/100Mbs)

AR9341 (MIPS 74Kc@500Mhz, 2x2:2, 300Mbs/2.4GHz, PHY/100Mbs)

AR9344 (MIPS 74Kc@600MHz, 2x2:2, 300Mbs/2.4GHz, 450Mbs/5GHz, PHY/1Gbs)

QCA9558 (MIPS 74Kc@720MHz, 3x3, 450Mbs/2.4GHz, 1300Mbs/5GHz, PHY/1Gbs)

It is already on bottom of the food chain.

AR9331 has following limit:

  • Single core
  • 400 Mhz
  • Max Flash 16MB
  • Max RAM 64MB
  • Single UART port
  • No USB On-The-Go
  • Base on MIPS 24K
  • No FPU floating-point unit
  • No GPU graphics processor unit

Price range to produce a board Yun based