Desperate help on burning bootloader on atmega8-8pu.

im having a lot of trouble burning a bootloader on atmega8-8pu 8mhz, i got two chips and i burned this bootloader:, but unfortunately the bootloader wasnt good and after burning it i could only upload one sketch to my chips, so now i got 2 more chips i dont want to ruin them, some one mentioned that the fuses were should i burn a bootloader? can i just change to the correct fuses in the "boards.txt" file??????????/

You can only upload one sketch because your Minimal Arduino doesn't have the Auto Reset feature. When you first load the bootloader it has no sketch to jump to so it waits forever for an upload. Once you have a sketch in place there is a short window after starting/resetting the "Arduino" and before running the sketch, where the bootloader is looking for an upload. You have to reset the Arduino when you see the "Binary sketch size:" message in the IDE.

i know that but ive tried to do that, it doesnt work i read comments on that post, many people face this problem they say its a fuse problem

Are you using the Arduino IDE to install the bootloader?