Desperate need of help

I’m making a project where I want an Arduino to control one motor and one strong LED. I also want it to operate on a timer, which for me means that I want it to turn itself on every 2 minutes, run form maybe 2, shut off and the repeat the procedure. I don’t know anything about programming and wonders if it’s possible? Can I make it without an Arduino?

Can I be really cheeky here?

You say

Can I make it without an Arduino?

Of course you can, and there are a few well proven ways to do this;

  • The old fashion way, valves man, valves and plenty of them, pentodes preferably,
  • A simple switch, grab a old guy off the street and tell him to push the button every two minutes.

These are just a few of my favourite things, err I mean ways .....

rockwallaby . . .

Please take my question seriously. I really need help with this. I don’t want anyone interacting with de devise. It should turn on and off by itself.

555 Timer with very big Resistor and Capacitor.

Yes, a good old NE555 will do the job I suspect.
And the great thing is it only has a few legs.

Well, how can I have resisted with you asking how you could do this 'without' an Arduino?
There are many general forums for electronics if you prefer not to use an Arduino.
Using an Arduino will allow you many great and wonderful benefits such as adding shields and extra nu-necessary hardware but that make your project handsomely more geeky by being able to tweet, beep, and post to the web that you are running your motor.
You could count how many times the motor has started, how many times in the past hour or day, even pre-program it for the future, wow!
You can even read the current the motor consumes and do something with that too if you wish.

To do this without an Arduino, say with valves or a NE555 might prove difficult to say the least.
Oh, yes, I am cheeky today, forgive me,


Please take my question seriously.

Well, we like to have fun here too. There are many, many ways to do this. But to help, we'll need specifics.

You want to 'control' a motor. Okay:

  • What type of motor?
  • Do you already have the motor? If so, post a link to a datasheet
  • Define 'control' -- simply turn it on/off, reverse, set speed, move through a specific arc?
  • What sort of load will the motor be running against?

One strong LED:

  • What type of LED? How strong is 'strong'?
  • Do you already have the LED? If so, post a link to a datasheet
  • Define 'control' -- simply turn it on/off, blink/flash, variable brightness?

I have a easy count down timer that I would be happy to send you the code. It will turn on your LED or what ever you like for what ever time you want. A arduino will work fine. Shoot me a email and ill help you out. Sounds fun. :slight_smile: