Desperately need arduinousb_release_004.tar.gz

Hi there,

right now I'm developing a project that would incorporate interfacing the Arduino to a PC as an USB keyboard.

I already built a protoboard according to the schematics from "Practical Arduino". But as I tried to download the USB library from I realized that the site is down. Does someone perhaps save the tarball "arduinousb_release_004.tar.gz" locally and would be able and willing to send it to me, e.g. via mail?

That would be really great!

On a side note, some words about the project I'm developing:

The aim is to develop a kind of cheap "multi purpose tool" for the blind based on the Arduino Mega. So far, the design incorporates a SpeakJet chip, which I wrote an extensive library for that I'm willing to share as soon as it's a little bit more mature. :-) In addition, the prototype features a Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic range finder. At the moment, the software is able to "speak" the distance in centimeters measured by the Ping)))

Future plans are to add an RGB sensor to detect the colour of, e.g., clothing on button press, and speak it out loud via the SpeakJet (of course, only approximated colours, like "dark red" or "light gray", nothing like "mauve" and the like ;-)

And the most important part would be to add some keys to emulate a braille keyboard that works transparantly to the operating system of the connected PC. E.g., pressing braille key 1 would generate an 'a' on the (virtual) USB keyboard, pressing key 1 and 2 together would generate a 'b', etc. For that purpose I need the aforementioned USB library.

As soon as the project is a bit more mature, I'll set up a web page about it, sharing, of course, all the code and all the schematics. But if anyone is interested in hearing/reading more about it right now, don't hesitate to contact me directly...

Take care, Torsten

Hi again,

since I wasn't allowed to send them in my very first post, here the links in Question:

(That's where I got the schematics for the USB connection from)

(That's the site that appears to be down)

Take care, Torsten