Detect 4g/5g nearby devices

Hello, I did some project a while ago using router custom firmwares to detect nearby devices looking for a connection.
I was wondering if that's possible for mobile networks. The idea is to log the time, perceived strength and identifier of the device.
I verified and it's legal where I want to use it to just receive the communication, but I'm unaware about the protocols, and if I'll be able to scan all the band and get a stable identifier of the device (one that can be tracked over different sessions)
I've already googled with not much luck due to a lot of info involving jamming, repeating and decrypting, which is not my case.

You are attempting a major project that requires a significant amount of work. You might find some stuff in the ESP32 world that could get you started. I have built a simple device that scans the WiFi and reports all units in range. There is demo code for this and it did do nicely. In the USA you are skating on very thin legal ice which is constantly changing.

That’s what I did with DD-WRT and with a lot of extra functionality regarding internet sharing and smart advertising, but I would like to do something similar with the 4g network, but just reporting units in range.
Since the shield is probably too expensive, probably I have better chances of doing something like that with a rooted cheap android phone instead of an arduino :confused:. Any advice is welcomed :slight_smile:

my first plan would be to scan for the frequencies involved with an SDR ( software defined radio )

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