Detect active RFID tag


My project is to detect active RFID tag with Arduino but I don't know which tag and RFID tag should I use. RFID tag should be a small key fob with distance range up to 20m without any buttons to activate or send code. It could be also bluetooth key fob.

Did anyone make any similar project and can help me please? Can you suggest me, which key fob should I use?


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20 meters is way too far for a key fob to be activated. best case scenario in around 4inches, you can get up to 8 inches in some cases, and rarely over 12. check on ebay for rfid tag/sensor, there is a lot of stuff you can dig around

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armaster: Can you suggest me, which key fob should I use?

Mifare MFRC522 RFID module is the most popular RFID module for Arduino world. There are many shops and tutorials as well on the internet. Take a search and play with it.


What’s the distance range for MFRC522 RFID?

I ment something like this:

or this: